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About K.G. International

Simplify your supply chain by relying on KGI for all your ingredient and packaging needs.

Why Customers Choose KGI

We make supply chain management easy and more streamlined for our customers by serving as a single source for chemicals, ingredients, and packaging materials. Our customers trust us as a reliable source of technical information and guidance, including for product formulation and improvement, as well as for packaging design, material selection and refinement.

We have an extensive product portfolio and a dedicated team of experts to include packaging engineers, product chemists and logistical specialists. Our clients enjoy dedicated support with world-class access to the global marketplace while sourcing everything they need in one economical and convenient place.

Company History and Leadership Team

We have deep roots in the packaging industry, as well as in the Caribbean region.

Leveraging a decade of packaging industry experience and the strategic location of Miami, Florida, the “Gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America,” Karl Gunia founded K.G. International, Inc. (KGI) in 1982 to become the leading source for packaging materials in the Caribbean Basin region. On account of Karl's deep personal ties to the Caribbean, not to mention his longstanding business relationships throughout the manufacturing sector of the region, he quickly carved out a niche for our company in four main industries:

Industries and Markets Servered:

We initially specialized in supplying all types of containers, including glass, plastic and metal containers, such as bottles, pails and jars, as well as accompanying closures like caps, lotion pumps, trigger sprayers and much more. Based on our track record of performance, we developed a reputation at KGI for ethics and integrity, quality products, reliable technical guidance and unsurpassed customer service, which continues to this day.

Chemical Division Established in Late 1980s

We became a one-stop source for both chemicals and packaging materials.

As the “go to” source for packaging materials in the Caribbean during the late 1980s, we were well-positioned to expand our product portfolio to include the chemicals and raw materials that our customers used to manufacture their finished products. The KGI Chemicals Division was formed and gradually developed a wide range of product offerings and solutions for the four main industries we serve. By offering both chemicals and packaging materials, our company became a “one-stop” source for many leading brand owners throughout the region, including multinationals, local and regional players, both large and small. No matter their size, all customers could count on KGI to provide value-added service that set us apart from our competitors.

A New Chapter in KGI History Began in 2003

The second generation of the Gunia family prepared the Company for the new millennium and domestic expansion.

In 2003, we started a new chapter in KGI history with the arrival of Nick Gunia, Karl's eldest son, who had been trained as a corporate lawyer in New York City and who had worked at the company during his summer breaks since his childhood. Nick became Vice President and began implementing a number of important strategic initiatives that would further strengthen KGI and ensure our continued growth and success in the 21st century. Among these strategic initiatives, Nick's decision to expand KGI into the domestic market proved to be an important turning point. By expanding our company's sales and support staff and leveraging a new warehouse and distribution facility, we aggressively entered the domestic market in 2004 and have been increasing our domestic market share ever since.

Under Nick's leadership, KGI became a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributor (NACD), the premier trade association for the chemical distribution industry. To become a member of the NACD, KGI successfully implemented Responsible Distribution, a rigorous, third party-verified certification system, which ensures adherence to the industry's best practices for safety, security, regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship. In 2006, our company was proud to become the first independent NACD member in South Florida, a testament to KGI's leadership and commitment to excellence in the chemical distribution industry.


GreenLab Launched in 2007

The GreenLab demonstrated our passion for environmental sustainability and stewardship

In 2007, Nick founded the KGI GreenLab to support the growing demand for environmentally sustainable products in the marketplace and to help KGI become the leading source for sustainable chemicals and packaging materials in the Americas. As a longtime advocate for environmental sustainability, Nick was the ideal team member to spearhead the KGI GreenLab, a clearinghouse for innovative green products and related technical information, which was the first of its kind in the chemical and packaging distribution industries.

Poised for Future Growth

We doubled warehouse capacity and added a set of twins to our leadership team.

By 2009, both Mark and Matt Gunia, Karl's other two sons had joined KGI to lend their experience to help grow our company. Mark brought a background in management consulting and Matt brought a background in investment banking and private equity. Together, the Gunias continue to grow the sales of the Company, which have tripled since 2003. In order to support future growth and plans for expansion, KGI more than doubled its warehousing capacity by moving into a 45,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility in 2012. At present, the Gunias are focused on a number of strategic initiatives that will help ensure KGI's continued growth and success for years to come.